By Ovedhe Jerry
A former Deputy House Leader in the 7th Assembly and leader of the PDP Caucus in the 8th National Assembly Rt. Hon. Leo Ogor has condemned in strong terms the crisis that erupted during plenary yesterday in the House of Representatives.

Hon. Leo Ogor, who addressed a news conference on behalf of the PDP Caucus called on President Muhammadu Buhari to call his party members to order while noting that the APC members disrupted the House proceedings because of an issue that was “purely the internal affair of the APC.”

“I therefore call on President Buhari whom I know is a perfect gentleman to call members of his party the APC in the House to order.

“A very embarrassing and unpleasant action took place from the APC group, they decided to take laws into their hands, turned the house upside down and went as far as even carrying the mace which is the symbol of authority.

He added, “We ruled this country for 16 years, but now we are starting on a very bad note.

“We apologise to Nigerians for the conduct of the APC members and we appeal to the members that if they have a crisis in their party, they should resolve it within their party and not take the entire country hostage.

“I sincerely on behalf of my colleagues want to apologise to Nigerians and our constituents.” He said.