Beauty they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder, evidently, no one would dispute the beauty and quality of the natural endowment of Miss Cynthia Ngozi Igbokwe who emerged as the most beautiful girl in Imo State 2014/2015. In her reigns, the 24-year old beauty queen has been involved in several humanitarian services across the length and breathes of her primary assignment with a leadership view of transforming the ideology of her God-Giving talent.

Miss Cynthia Ngozi Igbokwe, Most Beautiful Girl in Imo State.

The free flowing Queen of Imo state, is from a family of six with three in each, divides of brothers and sisters is also from God fearing family; she studied in her first degree, social work in the University of Calabar. She was small, when her mum thaught her how to be a good girl, to love and respect people, and also thaught her to know that, the man is the head of the family.

When she was spotted in Benin City penultimate week, she revealed to Our Correspondent how she nicks the bud as regards modeling, and her earnest resolution to project her selfless programs of her constituency.

In her words, “I got into modeling some years ago where friends urged me to veer into it because I had a good behavior and body to context. So, I decided to try it when I was in school even though I did not win in my first trial. That gave me the privilege to make some money while in school because I don’t have to meet my parents for money all the time. So it really helped me. After then, I decided to go for a test even though I did not win but it gave me the edge to do better next time. But then, I went for another text African village queen which I came out as first runner up and that was a good thing for me too. Then, I have to focus on my academics because it was my final year in school. Finally, I participated in another contest, Miss Hospitality Ambassador in Nigeria 2013-2014, which I won. When I handed over to my successor, I still had the notch to go for more, and so I contested for the face of the world, Nigeria, the most beautiful girl in Imo State 2014-2015 and I won”.

 “Certainly, it is not as if I was more beautiful than other contestants, but I had something special and better; perhaps, I was more intelligent and out spoken and I thank God for that. I hope I have the opportunity to do more when called upon  and give back to the society what I can and practice my profession as a social worker”, she reiterated.

Narrating further the Motivational factors behind her victory she attributed it to God Almighty, parental effects, self believe and his relationship with people as the Bain of her enthronement.

According to her, “God first, is the giver of all things.I believed in myself and believes I could do something. I trusted that I came for the crown and I could go home with it. I was convinced of my qualities and when I look back I could see the support of my family which was a plus to my victory. Even though my parents did not want it from the onset but had to prove why I have to be a model and in the end they accepted it.

In life, quitters never achieve anything and achievers are resilience in nature so is the quality of a great ambassador of humanitarian service exhibited by miss Igbokwe particularly, as she faced heavily, competitors before she was crowned the most beautiful girl in Imo State

“It was very challenging particularly as a girl child many people want to get to know you especially the male folks. Even men want to sleep with you and if you say no, you miss the finance support so it is very challenging. But then, you have to stand your ground by letting them know they could help without sleeping with you. Other basic challenges have to do with gossips among contestant particularly when you win and they lose. They feel you are pompous and that could lead to malice within the circle; and again getting funds was a major challenge; Waking up everyday, and thanking God, that, I am alive and plans to work out things. I know I have family there for me and I know that I have good people to work with that makes me happy and I know also that I have food on my table to eat today, tomorrow, and next”, she said

On giving back to the society she is poised to work with the orphans, focus on youth empowerment through her pep project tagged,TALENT AND WEALTH CREATION and the very aged that have giving so much to the society to bring to bare her humanitarian services.

She Said, “I intend to work with orphans as my pep project and also to support the Aged.    So, I will also focus on the youth as well, even though I know some people don’t have opportunity to such advice and hence I have so, I am going to give back to the society. They should be ready to benefit from what my mama taught me letting them know that, the advice will pay them if not now but in the future”.

 Miss Igbokwe however, urged people to believe in themselves and remain focus to achieve the needful in various opportunities that comes their way.

“So I urge people to believe in themselves; just tell yourself you can do it because there is a word that says “if you can’t beat them join them” then, that also goes with the fact that if you can’t beat them leave them and be the change you want to see in the world”, she enthused .