Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin aKa the’ tireless General” of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries based in warri Delta State Nigeria on behalf of Diamond partners of mercy TV and the congregation present during the church service on Sunday 6th march 2016 in his usual magnanimous manner gave HRM Igwe Sylvester Ayogu Eze Ndigbo 1 of Ofu LGA Kogi State a four wheel runner jeep vehicle gift valued at N4.5 million, a cash donation of N 1. 5 million and four pair of new brand shoes.


Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin

Jeremiah in a statement shortly before the presentation disclosed that the level of hardship of the monarch needed an upgrade to the status of a dignified royal father from that of pauper who was already a taxi driver to say the least.

While presenting the key and the documents of the vehicle, the gospel minster decreed that all traditional rulers in Nigeria and other nations who are passing through hard times in their kingdoms are set free from any kind of bondage an ushered into abundant life.

It is pertinent to recall that, on Sunday 6th March 2016 during the prophecy time, prophet Jeremiah saw HRM Igwe Sylvester Ayogu EzeNdigbo 1 of Ofu LGA Kogi State in the spiritual realm in a direct contrast of the life of a king. Prophet Jeremiah narrated how rich the man was before he was crowned an Igwe. He went down the memory to reveal how bad fortune befell the royal father. The man of God said, dwindling fortune forced the monarch to seek solution from both herbalist and churches all to no avail, until the king became a taxi driver. Interestingly, HRM Igwe Sylvester Ayogu EzeNdigbo 1 of Ofu LGA Kogi and his wife Lolo Calister Sylvester confirmed the prophecy to be absolutely accurate and true.

Irked by the handiwork of Satan upon the life the king, prophet Jeremiah decided to use himself as an agent of positive change to restore the fortune of the pauperized monarch.

In his appreciation remark, HRM Igwe Sylvester Ayogu Eze Ndigbo 1 said; ‘I am short of words’’. According to him he came to mercyland for prayers due to the testimonies he is seeing in Mercy TV so that when he gets back God can open his way but his surprise, he did not know that the God of Prophet Jeremiah, the God of ‘OWOMOWOMO’ ’translated God of quick action or FRESH and RAW was waiting for him with an already prepared miracle ALERT.
HRM Igwe Sylvester Ayogu Eze Ndigbo 1 prayed God Almighty to shower more His blessing upon prophet Jeremiah, the Diamond partners, of mercy TV, all mercy TV partners and every member’s of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministries worldwide

Igwe Sylvester Ayogu promised to serve God under prophet Jeremiah for the rest of his life noting that to whom much is given much is expected. On her part, the queen who could not conceal her over flowing joy expressed her appreciation by dancing round the congregation as she thanked God Almighty, prophet Jeremiah, all viewers of Mercy TV worldwide and the congregation present.