A Social political activist, Mr Edward Nikagbatse-Oki has said that President Muhammadu Buhari, who is the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in the 2019 general election is the common man’s candidate.
Nikagbatse-Oki made this observation during press a conference in Warri, Delta State.
He said President Buhari is the only presidential candidate that is laying a solid foundation for a better Nigeria that will benefit the common man.
He noted that he has been educating Nigerians on the need for them to recognise that their vote through the ballot box was their power to elect capable leaders irrespective of tribe, clan, religion or gender.
Nikagbatse-Oki, who has been advocating for a “ballot-box revolution,” for more than three decades now, urged Nigerians to vote enmass for President Buhari so as to help him in eradicate the evil of corruption from the country.
“Buhari is the friend of Nigeria and Nigerians, especially the common man. But he is not a friend of those Nigerians who have sold Nigeria to themselves and underdeveloped it.
“Use the powers of the ballot box to change your situation. You are mandated by this revolution, your revolution, to eat the money corrupt politicians will give you to buy your votes and vote your conscience,” Nikagbatse-Oki said.
He said what President Buhari and his administration has done in the past three and half years has outclassed what PDP government did for 16 years, adding that the ongoing anti-corruption war of Buhari administration has earned him accolades all over the world. 
“The fear of President Buhari having a second term to continue his anti-corruption campaign is hunting PDP and their conservative, ultra conservative reactionary forces. 
“This is making them to gang up and to sponsor different political and youth organizations to stop President Buhari and the APC from saving Nigeria from this evil of corruption that has destroyed the only country that we have,” the Delta born political and Social scientist said. 
He also advised Nigerians not to allow the politics of stomach infrastructure to cheat themselves and their children, saying that the consequences of their actions cannot be undone in the next three or four years. 
He said, “Give APC and President Buhari the second term of governance to bring the down trodden masses out of abject poverty with your votes in the February/March elections. 
Nikagbatse-Oki also called on the Nigerian media to champion the course of the common man’s revolution by revealing the corrupt political actors in the coming 2019 election through their investigative reporting.
“Let us not make the blood shed throughout the history of the evolution of our country be in vein. We should never fail in our duties to permit the disintegration of our great country. If we do prosterity will not forgive us.
“We can only can only save Nigeria when we make her a place for the common man. To save Nigeria is to make the present Fourth Republic a place for the common man,” Nikagbatse-Oki  said.