By Harriet Anetor

With less than few days to the March 28 presidential and National Assembly elections, a coordinator for the Buhari Campaign organization council in Delta Central Senatorial District, comrade Teto Emmanuel, has called on the people of Urhobo in Delta Central to cast their vote en mass for Gen. Muhammadu Buhari his running mate Barrister. Osibajor, OlorogunOtega Emerhor and other APC candidates in Delta State.

In press statement issued during the meeting for the introduction of coordinators in the eight local government, he said, Buhari is the Ultimate answer to Nigeria, that the PDP have nothing to offer anymore as far as politics is concerned in this country, that, Urhobo should not allow themselves to be used by PDP and LP party as tools to be dumped later as has been the case in the past. He maintained that, at this point, the people should vote General muhammadu Buhari “because, if you check all round, APC wants to set a standard whereby Urhobo which is the 4th largest ethnic group in Nigeria and the largest in Delta State will be free from  obscurity and take their rightful place in government.

“Urhobo’s are not recognized in the government of PDP today, it was just a few minute of rounding up that the Jonathan’s administration decided to appoint Dr. Steve Oru as a Minister of Niger Delta without portfolio, when the Ijaw who was there has awarded the money meant for the completion of the east-west road to contractors who up till now has done nothing. Oru to us, the Urhobo’s is just there as a figure head, to cover their track, to have someone to blame who is not the tribes man of the president, a fall guy and we are not happy because crumbs will not give President Jonathan Urhobo votes.”

Emmanuel further Stated that’ When Gen. Buhari visited Delta State recently for  flag presentation to Delta Governorship Candidate, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor, after seeing the Olu of Itsekiri, he proceeded to see the UPU the Apex body of the Urhobo nation, to intimate them of his ambition and unveil his blueprint of freedom for Urhobo Nation from marginalization,

Continuing he said to us progressives Olorogun O’tega is the best candidate for the Urhobo nation and Delta state. Those who have the interest of Urhobo at heart should support him, Ogboru has sold the mandate of Urhobo’s and have done a lot of things to further his personal agenda and not Urhobo agenda so we will not die again for Ogboru.”