Jesse Ese, Yenagoa

The residents of Anyama Road at the outskirt of Obogoro Community in Yenagoa are still grieved by the extraordinary passing away of a military officer (names withheld) who died after hitting a truck that was packed by the side of the road with his motorcycle (Okada) last Friday.
Eyewitnesses that witnessed the incident revealed that the military man who driving without his headlight on. After the accident which cost his life after hitting his head on the truck, residents contacted the police who came immediately to remove the body.
The confirmation that he was a military officer came alive when his phone rang and one of the eyewitnesses answered the caller that they man you are calling is dead and his colleagues quickly arrived at the scene few minutes after the call.
The other military officers who came to meet their lifeless friend revealed that they were together before the deceased told them that he wanted to go and buy suya at the 4 Road.
The man who packed the truck was later arrested on Saturday morning by the police after serious investigations that the truck was partly on the road. At the time of filing this report, the status of the matter of the man who was arrested was unknown.
This accident is just one among the numerous accidents which have been happening in that area. Some residents who spoke to the People�s Herald appealed to the Federal Road Safety Corp to make their presence known in the area to regulate the manner in which some commercial drivers, especially Okada riders are operating.