By Francis Sadhere

The children of Late Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atwatse II, have said that their father, the late monarch has done his best in protecting his family, his chiefs and the people of Iwere Kingdom, noting that the late monarch acknowledged the fact that he was the king of Iwere land first.

The late Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse II

The daughter of the late monarch, Princes Nere Teriba stated this during the weekend at a Tribute Service held in honour of the late monarch which took place at the Foursquare Gospel Church, Warri, Delta state.

According to Princes Nere, the late monarch had always made sure that his kingdom and his family are protected always from the hands of the enemies, adding that their father has left an indelible mark as a king of Iwere land.

Princes Nere who also read the second Bible reading during the tribute service, said that their late father feasted on the mercy of God, stressing that the Lord has continued to protect him and his kingdom even when the enemies wanted to tear the kingdom apart.

She noted that the late Atuwatse II thought his children to stand for what they believe in, saying that the late Olu of Warri respected people who stand for what they believe in life.

Princes Nere also noted that her late father was a very generous man who never struggled with his people for material wealth but rather preferred to give all things to his people because of the love he has for them.

She added that the late king was a man of his words who always stood for what he believed in, in spite of what others say, adding that he was as wise as a serpent.

She also described her late father as an epitome of blessing and a man who never uttered a word of curse on anybody no matter the circumstances, adding that the late king was always praying to God to bless  his family and the people of Iwere kingdom.

She said though her father hated what is wrong, he never hated his people no matter what they did, adding that the love his father had for the people always moved him to respect their views and stands.

She stressed that despite his Christianity status, he chose all his chiefs from all sphere of live not minding whether they are Christian or not. She also noted that as a king, her he father had learnt to be a leader to all.

Princes Nere also said that the greatest lesson their father had thought them is to be independent and not depend on the office of their father to get what they want.

She said their father thought them the power in prayers, adding that they have learnt to pray to God all the time because of what their father has thought them.

She however, called on the Itsekiri nation to support the next Olu of Warri as they have supported their father, stressing that it is the only way the Itsekiri nation could remain one indivisible and strong kingdom.

She thanked the Itsekiri nation for standing by their King throughout his reign. She also thanked the youths of the Iwere land who stood and fought for the kingdom during the Warri crisis, saying that the Iwere Kindong will continue to remember those that lost their lives during the crisis for the great sacrifice they have done for the kingdom.

The tribute service was witnessed by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, President, Christian Association of Nigerian (CAN), prominent Itsekiri chiefs and other prominent individuals from within and outside the kingdom.