Peter Akarogbe, Chairman, Consolidated Dynamic APC (CDA) (2nd left) addressing the APC supporters while Hon Hyacinth Inuha (left) and others look on during the CDA meeting held at Ozoro, Isoko South Local Government, Delta State. 

By Francis Sadhere

A political pressure group under the auspices of Consolidated Dynamic APC (CDA) has during the weekend said there is no faction in Delta APC, stressing that the party remains a force to be reckoned with in the state.

Chairman of the CDA, Surveyor Peter Akarogbe who said this in Ozoro, Isoko North Local Government Area of Delta State during a meeting of the CDA noted that there was never a time that the Delta APC was factionalized, adding that the party is working together to kick out the ruling People’s Democratic Party from the seat of power come 2019.

Akarogbe who was addressing a mammoth crowd that gathered to witness the meeting between the CDA and its coordinators said there had been a misunderstanding about what is going on in the party explaining that the different groups in the party are all working for the interest of the the party.

“Whether you like it or not even twins have disagreement. Politics is a game of interest but at the end of the day when the primaries have come and gone everybody will align. This is why we are saying that in CDA we are not after any candidates. This is why we have canvassers who go to the field to canvass for members for APC. During the just included local government elections in the state, I did not see any factional groups. We were all working together as one party in the election,” Akarogbe said.

On the rumour going round that the group was supporting one candidate over the other, Akarogbe said the rumour was false, adding that the group was not interested in individuals but on how to win more people to the APC fold.

“CDA is a pressure group that is ready to win people to APC in Delta state. We are not interested in fighting any pressure group in APC. We are more interested in winning the state for APC. So the idea that we are affiliating with one group or the other is actually not true. For example, as a Christian you win converts into the Christian fold and not your denomination. The same thing goes for our group, the CDA. This is why are called consolidated because we want to Consolidate the party and the idea is to bring people who are not members of to APC into the APC so as to improve our strength to win elections.

“We are not here to fight any person and this is why we are here to say that we are on our own. We are only ready to support any candidate that has won his or her primary. If we have our way we will create a free and fair atmosphere for a peaceful congresses for those who are credible and saleable to win elections. It is that simple and clear,” Akarogbe said.

Akarogbe also took a swipe at youths in the party who were fund of castigating their leaders on social media, saying that such behavior are dangerous to the growth of the party in the state.

“Why should I be fighting trivial things that are unnecessary. When I see small boys castigating one leader or the other on social media it is very worrisome, painful and displays lack of wisdom and understanding. It is just stupidity. We should be able to sell ideas that will endear people to the party and this is the objective of CDA. If we have the opportunity to do it right, we will do it. We are no longer going to do things the old way again. APC is Supreme and the party is the ultimate and at the end of the day we are going to work together as one,” he added.

On his part one of the leaders of the party, Hon Hyacinth Enuha said that the CDA is an APC pressure group that does not align itself with any candidate in the party, stressing that any candidate who that wants to align with the CDA must be prepared to test his popularity in the field.

He also debunked rumours that the CDA has aligned with some individuals, saying that there is not truth in the rumours, adding that one of the reasons they were there was to let the people know about their position on the matter.

“I want you all to go back home and re-strategize on how to take over power from the People’s Democratic Party come 2019. Soon we are going to inaugurate the CDA at the local government level and we will appeal to everyone to go back home and win souls for the party. We are going to give everyone a level playing ground, ” Inuha urged the APC members.

Barrister Dennis Nwanokwai, Secretary, CDA, also said that the group is an independent group aimed at supporting the leadership of the APC, adding that they will support any candidate that emerges from a free and fair primaries.

“What we are doing here today is a reawakening call to all our Coordinators that 2019 is just around the corner and we want to let them know about our plans for 2019. The CDA is an effective arm of the APC and we are here to strengthen it to kick the PDP out of power.