Ben Priest Is The Lead Vocalist  for Lucky Dube band. In this interview with Francis Sadhere, he speaks on his new album, his prospect of collaborating with other Nigerian musicians and a lot more. Excerpt:


Ben Priest

Ben Priest

Please tell Nigerians about your new album Roof Over My Head. What is it all about?

Roof over my head is something that everybody is related to. When you do not have a roof over your head this could be very troublesome because you will not be comfortable. It is  like a tribulation. After a long struggle and you finally gets a Roof over your head, you see it as very fulfilling feat to achieve. When you have  a Roof over your head it is a sign of relative comfort. And it is something that everybody can relate to and beat his chest proudly and say I have a Roof over my head. Roof over my head is a SOLO  album that do not have anything to do with  Lucky Dube band.

What other tracks do you have in the album?

Other tracks in the album are; Brand New Man, Freeman, Think Twice, Burning Down the Bridge and others. It is a ten track album. Right, now I am in Nigeria trying to see how I can promote the album through radio, TV and newspapers so that it could get the needed attention. Meanwhile it is doing well in radio and some newspapers have taken it up too. I will be in Nigeria for a couple of weeks to promote the album.

Any plan to launch Roof Over My Head here in your country, Nigeria?

Yes, I intend to launch the album here in Nigeria. I have already gotten a distribution dealer here already. When it is packaged and ready for distribution, then the next thing I will be thinking is a kind of launch. I am looking at launching it in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Warri where I have a lot of fans. Delta state has a lot of reggae fans and it will be a pleasure to launch the album there too.

What is so  special about the album, Roof Over My Head?

It is not much different from other reggae songs but I will say that every song is different from the other. Roof Over My Head is unique in the sense that it talks about realities of life and what life is all about. You may not be a rich man but you might be comfortable with the little you have in life because you got what you want. A lot of people are already interested in hearing the track, Roof Over My Head and is currently enjoying airwave across the country. The Radio Stations are playing it  a lot. Some other tracks are also Burning Down the Bridge and Think Twice. So I think that as the time goes by it will gain a lot of popularity.

What is your position with the Lucky Dube Band?

The Lucky Dube Band takes its time to organize things. I still have a contract with them and anytime I am called upon, I am always available for with them. So if they are going on a local or international concert, I am always available for them. I have recorded an album with them because that was what I was called to do. However, I also have my own thing to do like promoting my own personal album and going solo.

What is your message to reggae fans all over the world?

My message is that reggae never dies because it is the ultimate music. I am here as an Ambassador of Reggae Music and no matter what the flag of reggae must keep on flying high. I am planning collaboration with reggae stars in Nigeria. We need to do a song about the thuggery and violence in the Niger Delta region. Reggae is a good platform to talk about the unification of the country. I got a lot of work to do because Jah message must be spread worldwide. The Lucky Dube band are very happy that I am doing something on my own and they will definitely be with me when eventually I launch the album. It will be a unification of South Africa and Nigeria.

What else do you have to tell members of the public out there, especially Reggae Fans?

Well, what I will like to say is that in case you want  to book me for any show, you can get me on my face book account, Ben Priest. I also have a consultant who is based in Nigeria in case I am not here. His name is Iviemu Kenneth. He is also on Facebook  as Iviemu  Kenneth and Email  I am on Instagram (BenPriest15), I am on twitter(@benprieist7). Email:   I  can be contacted  anytime. My previous album, “Freeman” is on MTNmusicplus. The new one, “I Got A Roof” is soon gonna be also on MTN musicplus and Etisalat Cloud 9

Which part of Africa are you from?

I am from  Cross River State,  South South  of Nigeria.