Jesse Ese, Yenagoa

The Bayelsa State Police Command has reopened the Secretariat of the Bayelsa Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) which was closed as a result of the violence that almost sprang up during the council’s meeting last week.

It was gathered that one Mr. Easterday, a publisher of one of the local indigenous newspapers in the state, hired some miscreants to come and disrupt the meeting which was holding, but the police was quickly contacted which came and arrested the hoodlums.

Mr. Easterday, whom has been noted to be full of greed and selfishness by some of his colleagues in the journalism profession, stated that they passed a vote of no confidence on the current executive members of the Bayelsa NUJ for lack of transparency and accountability.

But the State Chairman of the NUJ, Mr. Tarinyo Akono, has stated that the general public should not be mindful on Easterday’s claims that they are of no effect.

Meanwhile, the hoodlums that were hired to disorganize the council’s meeting are still in the police custody in the state.