The Special Assistant to Hon Akpodiogaga Emeyse and Secretary of Akpodiogaga Sunny Emeyese Foundation (ASEF), Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe has resigned his multiple appointments which he attributed to disagreements over proposed modified terms of service and political affiliation.  He was also the Chief Coordinator of the Lagos Branch of Solid Foundation Political Network (SFPN).

Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe

Dr Oghenesivbe in a press  statement said his political sojourn under Hon Emeyese since November 2008 has been robust, full of diverse experiences such that the losses and the gains are worthwhile, pointing out that he had to quit the group due to prevailing circumstances to enable him forge ahead politically.

He described Emeyese as a highly strategic political leader whose operational methodology is complex and deeply rooted, adding that though his former boss accepted his resignation reluctantly it was necessary because they could not agree on some of the modifications and adjustments which he proposed to his political leader.  He said the member of House of Representatives representing Ethiope Federal Constituency will remain his very good friend and brother since both of them are descendants of the Ojiji family from the maternal linage. Fred Oghenesivbe is the great grandchild of Obazenu-Ojiji-Onokuta –Emosivbe stock of Okpe Street in Kokori and paternally the great grandchild of Isoko-Amiasaokpare-Eriyamremu stock of Okpara Inland in Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State.

Dr Fred Oghensivbe is the President of the Green White Green Vanguard, an affiliate organisation of the Goodluck Support Group. He holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Political Science (2nd Class Upper Division), a Masters Degree in Public and International Affairs (MPIA) from the University of Lagos, a Honorary Doctorate Degree of Literature from the Berkeley University, USA, a Law Degree (LL.B Hons) He is expected to be called to the Nigerian Bar later in the year upon successful completion of his academic work at the Nigerian Law School.

He is a prolific writer, words merchant, Media Consultant and International political communications expert. He bagged the excellent African Leadership Award from the Blacks in Diapora, USA in 2012, Rotary Club of Akowonjo Award for Outstanding Leadership Qualities (2009) and Valuable & Supportive Student Award of the Law Faculty of the University of Lagos (2013.)  He is a full member of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA), American Political Science Association (APSA) and International Political Science Association (IPSA) where he currently serves as a member of the Human Rights and Political Communications Committee chaired at the New York University, USA.

It will be recalled that Dr Oghenesivbe join the Emeyese political family in 2008 in the peak days of  Ethiope East Political Forum (EEPF) and later became a foundation member of Solid Foundation Political Network (SFPN). He was subsequently appointed by Hon Emeyese as the Chief Coordinator of Lagos Branch. The Branch grew in limbs and bounds parading influential Urhobo elites in Lagos. At a point, the political wind blew from the outside and the branch crashed like a pack of card.  When Hon Emeyese was elected in 2011, he appointed Dr Oghenesivbe as his Special Assistant on Media Affairs but without salary, wages, allowance or financial benefits whatsoever. He did that job until February 13, 2014 when he resigned.