Chief Micheal Ogbodu, DSIEC Chairman


Major stakeholders in the forthcoming Local Government Election in Delta State slated for Saturday, January 6, 2018 have been called upon to play according to the electoral laws governing the conduct of elections in the state.

This call was made by Delta State Online Publishers Forum(DOPF) in statement signed Mr. Emmanuel Enebeli and Mr. Shadrach Onisha, Chairman and Secretary respectively of the Delta Online Publishers Forum, (DOPF), the forum reminded Deltans that elections are organised to advance legitimate leadership in the society geared toward attracting positive development.

The Online publishers called on Delta State Independent Electoral Commission (DSIEC)to ensured that all political parties and candidates gets equal treatment which is the only measure of fair hearing and attention in an election.

According to the statement, “we call on the organisers of the Saturday January 6th, 2018 Local Government Election, the Delta State Independent Electoral Commission, (DESIEC) to give equal, unhindered attention to all parties and candidates. This is the only avenue to measure how free and fair the election will be judged”.

The statement also called on all the political parties and candidates to also conduct themselves in a manner that is worthy of those who are aspiring for leadership as councillors or Chairmen, as their actions or inactions will be used to ascertain their future behaviour if elected into the various positions come Saturday, just as it cautioned the followers and members of the different parties to avoid any action that will cause any breach of law and order in the state.

The statement added, “all Deltans should take the election serious, as the outcome of the election, according to many political commentators will shape future elections in the state, especially that of 2019. We want that future to be a positive one with human faced development programs that will uplift our people and communities.”

The publishers reminded security agents of their statutory responsibilities to ensure that there is safety at the pooling units and for voters as they move from their homes to exercise their civic rights, and should not in any way be partial or harass the people who will be legitimately carrying out their civic duty.

The statement added, “we also call on the various security services to ensure that the people are not harassed as they go out to cast their votes or harassed because they belong to different camp. It is your responsibilities to ensure the safety of all.”

The release further stated that Delta Online Publishers Forum, in line with its objective of promoting good governance and to inform the public through partnership with relevant organisation, will deploy its reporters to the field to ensure that Deltans are properly informed.