By Francis Sadhere

The crisis in Delta PDP seems to be getting worst by the day as another Chieftain of the party, Hon. Omolubi Newuwumi has dumped the party for the All Progressives Party (APC), just as he said that PDP has pauperized the people of Delta State for the past sixteen years.

Hon Omolubi Newuwumi (2nd right) receiving te APC symbol from Yemi Omawumi (left) while Chief Ayiri Emami (2nd left) and Mrs. Omolubi (right) look on.

Omolubi together with some of his supporters who decamped to APC today at the residence of Chief Ayiri Emami at Ubeji, near Warri, said he decided to decamp to the APC because he was tired of the way PDP has been treating his people.

He said that for the past sixteen years that PDP has been in power, the people of his constituency, Warri North, has not benefited much from the party, adding that he want to be among the progressives are championing the cause of change in the country.

He said, “Today I am here as your brother to join you to pursue the change mantra that has been sweeping the whole country. I can tell you categorically that I, Omolubi is a product of change and that is why I have decided to belong to the APC. This change that we are talking about will bring back development to our community. What we have been seeing for the past 16 years is a different ball game. I was a top member of the PDP but I believe in change and development. This change that is sweeping all over the country will not be complete without me.”

“As somebody who believes in change I have to join the train. What has PDP brought to my community for the past sixteen years? I am not happy with that. Today I am coming into join APC to carry on the change mantra. I am here as your servant to render services to our people in Warri north. I assure you that my coming into APC today is for the benefit of my people. I am here today with just half of my followers, but the other half will join me when we make it a full public declaration at Warri North. I Am going back to tell my people that I am now a full fledge member of APC. We want to assure you that we will never disappoint the confident you have in us,” Omolubi said.

Receiving Hon. Omolobi, Chief Ayiri Emama, who was also a former member of the PDP but who has decamped to the APC, commended Hon. Omolubi for taking the bold step to quit the PDP to join the APC, saying that Omolubis entry into the APC is a big blow to the PDP and a victory to the APC.

Chief Ayiri said Emami said Omolobi is a force to be reckoned with in Delta politics, especially in Warri north, adding that with the entry of Hon. Omolobi into the APC, they are rest assured that he will deliver the people of Warri North for APC.

“I want to welcome you to the party. I want to let all of you know that the only thing is not constant is change. If you are in a place and the place does not favour, you have to change from that place to another place. It does not matter how many times you change but what really matter is the impact you make in the lives of the people that are your followers.

“Omolobi is a crusader and a mover of people. He is a grass root man who always goes back home to meet with his people. I am very excited that Warri North is now with us. We know that people who work for their people. We are not talking about the negotiators in the party. Now that you are here I know there is APC in Warri north. We are welcoming him to the party because we know that he is an assert in the party,” Chief Ayiri said.

Chief Ayiri who spoke to journalists said that by 2019 Delta State APC is going to give the PDP a run for their money, adding the with the recent move of Hon. Omolobi to the APC, the PDP has lost one of its top men and that has dealt a blow on the PDP.

Chief Ayiri added that leaders he knew in APC while he was in PDP, were mere negotiators who were planted into the APC to infiltrate the party, adding that the so called leaders of APC in Warri North are paid agents of PDP.

Also speaking at the occasion, the APC Delta South Senatorial district Chairman, Mr. Yemi omawumo said the party is sifting the chaff from the grain, and that they will gradually take over all the powerful members of PDP.

He said: “We will take all PDP members away. We will leave only those who do not want to change in PDP. In Rivers State, we have taken over. In Bayelsa we have taken over and we will take over APC in Warri constituency by delivering 85 percent votes for the APC in any election. We cannot continue to be in the opposition. We have to fight for our freedom. Do not be afraid of progressives coming to APC. We will continue to progress no matter what.”

A former member of the PDP, Mr. Misan Okubeinje who also welcomed Hon. Omolubi into the APC fold, said the change that has been sweeping all over the country must also come to Delta State.

“The change we are talking about must come to Delta State just as it is going on the federal level. We want empowerment for the women and youths. We want to right person with good character to be in the helm of affairs in this state. We left PDP because they refuse to change,” Mr. Okubeinje said.