…Calls For Redeployment Of DPO, B’ Division, Warri

By Francis Sadhere

Members of the three ruling houses of the Okere-Urhobo kingdom, Warri, Delta State have warned the dou of Chief Kesiena Okumagba and Chief Wilson Eboh to stop parading themselves as the Orosuen (King) and the Otota (Traditional Prime Minister) of the kingdom, stressing that at no time were the duo selected for such positions.

R-L: Chief Eseoghene Eshalomi, Chief Gideon Okumagba and Prince John Edgar Eragor,, during the press conference today.

The warning was given today at a press conference held in Warri, organized by the principle members of Idama, Ohwotemu and Sohworu ruling houses of the Okere-Urhobo kingdom.

Addressing newsmen on behalf of the three ruling houses of the kingdom, Chief Gideon Okumagba said: “It is with pain in our heart that We draw the attention of the Okere-Urhobo people, Delta State Traditional Rulers Council, Delta State Government, the International Community and the general public in particular, to the display of shame over the position of our revered Orosuen and Otota (Traditional Prime Minister) of Okere-Urhobo kingdom of some of our over ambitious sons who do not want to follow due process of selection to become and Orosuen and Otota.”

Okumagba emphasized that Chief Wilson Eboh and Chief Kesiena Okumagba are operating and parading themselves with a toga of illegality as Orosuen and Otota and regent of Okere-Urhobo kingdom respectively, bastardizing the kingdom’s  ancient traditional institution and putting the kingdom into public redicule.

He noted that at no time had the god’s been involved in choosing their monarch for them as claimed in a publication by Chief Kesiena Okumagba in some National dailies, but stressed that it was the job of the nine king makers choosing from the three houses of the kingdom to select an Orosuen.

“Therefore, We wish to warn Chief Kesiena Okumagba and others of his likes, that it is an offence for anybody to parade himself as Orosuen without the due process. Chief Kesiena Okumagba is hereby warned with immediate effect to desist from parading, Acting, driving, dressing, and moving as Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo kingdom henceforth.

“In the same vein, Chief Wilson Eboh who acted in error by addressing a press conference as the Otota (Traditional Prime Minister) and Regent of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom on the above subject matter should desist from such acts. As earlier mentioned, Chief Wilson Eboh was at no time installed as the Otota (Traditional Prime Minister) of Okere-Urhobo kingdom,” says Chief Gideon Okumagba.

The kingdom therefore, said that the next Orosuen would emerge out of the three ruling houses, and that no one could be crowned Orosuen until the due process of selection is followed to the later, adding that only then can an Otota be installed by the Orosuen.

The principal members of the three houses of Okere-Urhobo also appealed and urged the general public and the Okere-Urhobo people in particular to remain calm and be law abiding, saying that efforts are being intensified to resolve the entire lingering tussle over the Orosuen stool and Otota of the kingdom.

In another development, the people of Okere-Urhobo kingdom have also called on the Delta State Commissioner of Police to redeploy CSP Aniete Eyoh, the Divisional Police Officer of “B” Division, Warri over what they termed as “barbaric, unlawful arrest and attack on defenseless people of Okere-Urhobo kingdom.

According to Chief Gideon Okumagba, Chief Wilson Eboh reported a case of trumped up crime of burglary along with the case of Chief Kesiena Okumagba’s purported proclamation as Orosuen to CSP Eyoh which led to the arrest of Chief Kesiena Okumagba.

Chief Gideon Okumagba alleged that CSP Eyoh had deliberately misinformed the Delta State Police Command Headquarters, Asaba and the Warri area command in a bid to pitch the people of Okere-Urhobo kingdom against the Nigerian Police when he (Eyoh) claimed that Chief Kesiena Okumagba had instigated the youths of Okere-Urhobo kingdom to attempt to burn down the “B” Division police station and free some of the suspects arrested in connection to the illegal crime.

He therefore called on the Delta State Commissioner of Police to do a thorough investigation into the matter in conformity with police procedures and rule of law.