By Francis Sadhere

As we approach the “Ember” months, criminals in Warri and It’s environs have been advised to look for legitimate means of livelihood or be ready to face the full wrath of the law.

The Warri Area Commander, ACP Mohammed Mu’Azu gave this advise yesterday in his office during an interview with our correspondent in Warri.

Mu’Azu warned that the police will deal ruthlessly with anyone found disturbing the peace in Warri and it’s environs, adding that the police has intensified their efforts in combating crime in the area.

He said the police in Delta State is taking the fight to the criminals and they are engaging in proactive policing to ensure that all criminal tendencies in his command are nipped in the bud.

Mu’azu assured the people of Warri and environs that they will sleep with their two eyes closed during the coming “Ember” months, just as he called on all residents in the area to be security conscious and report all suspicious movements they see around them.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police said: “Residents living in this Warri and its environs should be rest assured that they can go to bed with their two eyes closed. Whether it is ember month or any other month, that should not be a problem for us because We are ready to deal ruthlessly with all criminal elements. I am not a proud person but the bad boys know me when I was DPO in Ekpan and now that I am back as the Area Commander, there shall be no mercy.”

He advised parents and guardians to teach their children and their Ward how to be security conscious, noting that children must not open their doors for strangers when their parents are not around.

“We are trained and paid to do this job and We are going to do it to best of our knowledge. Parents should not allow strangers into their houses and they should train their children not allow strangers into the home when they are not around. Children should also be trained not to accept any gift from strangers. The women, especially, should not go about displaying affluence in public places. They should mind the way they bring out their bags and bringing out large amounts of money. When the want to come out of their cars they should hide their bags under their seats or in the booth So that people will not tail them around.

“As individuals We should adopt security strategies to secure ourselves and our property. It is only after doing that, that we the security agencies, will now compliment their efforts. People should not talk anyhow in public places. When driving, they should be observant of the type of cars that are following them from behind. When you have a flat tire in a secluded area, do not attempt to change the tire alone. Do not park in hidden and dark places.

“When traveling do not pick strangers on the road. If you are travelling and you are not driving do not stand on the roadside waiting to be offered a lift from strangers. If you do, you might end up being robbed, kidnapped or killed. It is better for you to go to the garage and enter a bus,” advised the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

ACP Mu’azu also warned members of the public to desist from indiscriminate recruitment of house helps, stressing that most house helps collaborate with criminals outside their homes by providing them with information about what is going on in the house.