The monarchs of Isoko nation were treated to a royal banquet during the weekend  at Oyede, Isoko North Local government area of Delta State by the Isoko Development Union (IDU), Surveyor Peter Akarogbe and other other prominent sons and daughters of Isoko nation.

President General, IDU, Chief Idu Amade who spoke at the occasion said that the Isoko nation decided to host their Kings so as to give them a sense of belonging, adding that the occasion will be a yearly event that will bring the Isoko people together.

He called for unity among the Isoko people, stressing that Oyede community is a very peaceful community hence the choice of the venue for the occasion, adding that the people are most cooperative in Isoko nation.

He said the Isoko people were the first people to host the Governing Council of the Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro to a ground banquet to welcome them to Isoko land.

President, Oyede Improvement Union (OIU), Surveyor Peter Akarogbe who spoke to our correspondent during the occasion said the essence of hosting the different kings in I Isoko land is to bridge the gap between the Mornachs and their subjects.

He said it was another form of bringing all the kings I’m Isoko land together so as to foster unity not only among the kings but also among their subjects.

“This is the festive period and the only way we can make our traditional rulers happy is to bring them together and entertain them and interact with them and share ideas with them so that we can move the Isoko nation forward. This is also an avenue for us to know some of the problems and challenges they are facing in their various kingdoms.

“We want to create a situation whereby everybody Isoko land will be united because this is only thing that can make us stronger and bring development to our land. Whether you like it or not people are going to belong to different political groups. But the royal fathers do not belong to any political group and this is the only way they can advice politicians on the right way to as they continue their political journey,” Akarogbe said.

On his part, Chief Lucky Esigie, another prominent Isoko son,  said that the occasion was the only way to foster unity among all the kings in Isoko land, adding that the occasion was a unique one.

“It is only unity that can make us have this kind of ceremony. It is unity that can bring all the traditional rulers in Isoko nation together like this where they can sit down on a round table to discuss the way forward for the Isoko nation,” Chief Isigie said.

Earlier the traditional ruler of Oyede Kingdom, His Majesty,  J.E Idiareh Oriagha 1, the Odiologbo of Oyede Kingdom, thanked the Isoko traditional rulers for allowing him to host them, adding that he is was confident that the coming together of the Isoko traditional rulers will pave the way for unity and development in Isoko nation.

The Oyede mornach also thanked his colleagues for been present during is coronation and presentation of staff of office by the Delta State government last week.

“I want to thank the Isoko Development Union (IDU) for putting up this programme in honour of the traditional rulers of Isoko nation. We hope that this occasion will be a continues one,” the Oyede mornach said.