Frank Efe

The Delta State Muslim Indigene Association has elected new Executives to handle the affairs of the association for the next four years.

In what seem to be a very peaceful and fair election where people were nominated for each of the elective positions, the association elected their own members to handle the affairs of the association in accordance with the dictates of the Koran and the Hadis.

At the end of exercise, Alhaji Muhammed Isimah was unanimously elected as the President of the Association after his two opponents voluntarily stepped down for him.

In his acceptance speech, the new President of the Association, Alhaji Isima promised that he is not going to disappoint his members, adding that the time has come for a change in the association and that he will do all within his power to bring positive change to the association.

He said; “I am going to do my best for the good of this association. The time for bickering has ended and it is time for us to stand as one and move the association forward. I will do my best and I promise that I will not disappoint you for the confidence you have reposed on me.”

The Secretary, Delta State Muslim Welfare Board, Alhaji Abdulaziz Amori, who witnessed the election, while speaking to our correspondent, commended the way and manner the election was conducted just as he described the election as one of the freest and fairest election he has ever witnessed.

He said: “It is a perfect election and this is the kind of election that the Prophet and the Hadis have talked about. It is not you that will come out and say I want to lead but the people must choose who will lead them in a quiet and peaceful manner. I thank God you were there and you witnessed what took place here. There was no rancor or confrontation, everything worked out well the way it was planned.”

Alhaji Amori, while saying that the task ahead of the new Executive is not going to be easy, advised them to work together as one body, adding that it is only when they work as one indivisible body that the followers will queue behind them and support them in all they do.

“But thank God we have both male and female in the present Exco and these crops of people are in position to carry us along. But again we have to stand behind them and continue to pray for them because if they fail, we fail and if they succeed we all succeed together. We will continue to pray for them so that they will know our needs better than we do,” he added.

He advised the new indigent Muslim Executive to always support the government of the state, saying it is not good for them to be seen as criticizing the government of the day because doing that will hamper the development of the association.

He assured the association that the State Government is always there to take care of their welfare, noting that now that the association has come together as one the government will now know who and who to deal with when it wants to get in touch with the association.

He further said; “Take for example the Governor of the state; today he is the governor and he needs our prayer. You do not criticize government because if you do it will become very difficult for you to handle matters. So you will continue to pray for the Governor and you will continue to advice. And again the government will know that this is my people and they will act in line with the people demand as our Excellency has been doing. He is not concerned with whether you are a Christian or a Muslim. All he is concerned about is our welfare.”

“When there is a credible election and the people elected now recognized that they were elected by people, there and then they can now harmonize their differences and for the peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Non-Muslims.  And by so doing the government will be focused because they will now know who to deal with in terms of administration, demands from the government and the body will recognize them as a body that is working for the benefit of the people in general,” he said.

The Secretary to the Delta State Muslim Pilgrim Board also added that he is optimistic that with the election, the Delta State Indigene Muslim Association will now experience development which was a far cry in the last Executive.

He said; “Now development is going to come to us because before now we used to have fragmented groups, but we are now a single unit representing the Delta State Indigene Muslims and it is a welcome development that will take us to the next level.”

Also speaking, Alhaji Sadiq Oniyesaneyene Musa, who stepped down for the new Chairman in the election, said he is happy that the election was successful, noting that with the recent election the indigene Muslims in the state will now speak with one voice.

He said; “I am very happy with this election because this election was done according to dictates of the Prophet Mohammed and the Hadis. If you noticed, during the election no single individual came out and said he wants to go for any position. All the executives were nominated their Muslim brothers. And that is exactly what the Koran said. I am very happy with the outcome of this election and I believe that better days lies ahead for us.”

Other Exco members include; Alhaji Mustapha Omite, Ahaji Emiko Biliamin, Alhaji Ayuba Ayigbe, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Assistant Secretary respectively.

Others are; Hajia Mariam, Treasure, Abdulmalik Isa, Financial Secretary, Mallam Mohammed Kolodi, P.R.O., Alhaji Itejere, Spiritual Leader, Kamaldeen Bello, Welfare Officer, Hajia Habibatu Ajekola, Woman Leader and Suleiman Isama as Auditor.