BY Austin Oyibode
The Curator of the National Museum in Asaba, Delta State capital, Mrs. Vivian Okeke, has called on all Nigerians to protect the country’s national and local heritages so as to preserve them for generations yet unborn.
Mrs. Okeke made the call during the 50th celebration of the International Council for Monuments and Sights (ICOMUS) in Asaba, Delta State capital.
Okeke said heritages have become part and parcel of human existence, hence it is imperative to preserve them to as to pass them to incoming generations and save Nigeria’s heritages from extinction.
According to her, clothing styles, languages, monuments, ancient structures, historic buildings and sights, statues that have become tourist centres among others are heritages which should be jealously preserved for the unborn generation to learn from and continue to carry along.
The Curator, who said the theme of the celebration was Transformation, said the theme was chosen to change people’s attitudes towards Nigerians’ culture, heritages and monuments.
Specifically, Mrs. Okeke said the akwa-ocha, a clothing material peculiar to the Anioma people of Delta State, was a special heritage which should be worn and appreciated by all people of the area.
She called on Nigerians to celebrate national heritages and monuments and remember national history and leave a footprint for posterity.
She said some of these monuments have intrinsic value to the people due to the roles they played in the descent and survival of the people in the area.