By Engr. Lucky Oyovwi

Before I start my piece, I want to first of all use this opportunity to say a big thank you to our able and admirable governor, His Excellency Dr. Emmanuel Udhaghan for being a true leader that has transformed our Delta State to become arguably the most peaceful state in our country, Nigeria.

Comrade Ovuozourie Macaulay, Secretary to Delta State Government

I also desire to commend our Governor for his proactive approach in doing the right things. Thank you our able Governor for you have consistently shown us that with good leadership and commitment, Delta State can always achieve the great things it desires.

I have quietly watched the political scene with keen interest with a view to ‘throwing my weight’ and influencing our good people on the need to queue behind the right leaders. I desire to have a transformational leader who is humble. Who comes to my mind? Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay who our intelligent governor has chosen as Secretary to the State Government comes to my mind. This humble leader has continuously and closely worked with our splendid governor in transforming our beloved Delta State to an enviable height. Thank you once again, our amicable governor for your right choice.

Leadership is a matter of trustworthiness (Sun Tzu). Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay is trustworthy, reliable and consistent. Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay looks at leadership as an opportunity to do the right for the people, and not as a passport to misdemeanors. To me and other good Deltans, these are high values of Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay that are worthy of emulation.

A leader must be a good listener (Fisher, 1974). Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay has good listening skills and has never been found wanting when it comes to listening. Our humble SSG has consistently displayed this trait in his participatory and collaborative leadership approach. It is imperative to state here that Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay has a very high listening trait, which can be attested to by all that have come across our SSG in his sustainable and inclusive developmental approach since his days as the Commissioner for Power in the state.

The SSG has consistently displayed diligence, devotion and commitment to duties for our beloved Delta State. To say our SSG, Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay is dependable will be an understatement! Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay is a humble leader that I will always hold in high esteem!

The good people of Delta State who meant well for our beloved state are looking forward to seeing Comrade Ovouzourie Macaulay catapult to greater heights in the nearest future.

God bless you sir, our reliable and humble SSG and God bless our amicable Governor.

Engr. Lucky Oyovwi is a Public Affairs Commentator

He writes from Warri, Delta State

08026064200. Email