By Zik Gbemre:

With the sort of politicking and political maneuvers evident in the Nigerian polity today and ‘heating up’ the country’s landscape as we approach the general elections, we consider it expedient to rightly and strongly advise Nigerian Politicians, including their ‘supporters’ reigning fire and brimstone to cause economic sabotage if their preferred candidate(s) does not win; as well those sponsoring the Boko Haram sect, should ALLOW PEACE TO REIGN IN NIGERIA.  For those who are seen as the ‘frontrunners’ and ‘supporters’ of these ‘political interests’ and their various candidates, and who perpetrates their ‘political agendas/ideologies’, they should realize that NO NIGERIAN POLITICIAN, IRRESPECTIVE OF TRIBE OR RELIGION, IS WORTH DYING FOR OR GOING THROUGH ALL THE TROUBLES.

We need no soothsayer to tell us that ‘war’ is absolutely evil and brings no good to any nation. It is very easy to start a war, but far more difficult to repair the unimaginable damage it will cause. Countries like LibyaSyriaIraqAfghanistan, etc, are good testimonies to this bitter fact. Even Nigerians who were affected by the Nigerian Civil War that lasted about 3years (1969-1970) will rightly advise us that ‘war is evil’ and will do no one any good. So, let us be wise, and realize that those who are sponsors of Boko Haram insurgency and the Nigerian Politicians who are instigating crises by imposing themselves on the people and refusing to allow peoples’ votes to count, has the all the money and wherewithal to promptly relocate themselves and their families to countries outside Nigeria in the event of war situation. This should tell those who are already willing to create crises in the name of their preferred political candidates to be wise and think very well before they act.

Again, “no Nigerian Politician, irrespective of their tribe or religion, is worth the blood of any Nigerian” because the bitter truth is that these Nigerian Politicians are not ‘genuinely’ interested in the development of Nigeria but they are much more interested in ‘serving themselves’ and their cronies. So let us be wise!

Zik Gbemre, JP

National Coordinator

Niger Delta Peace Coalition (NDPC)

No.28, Opi Street Ugboroke Layout, Effurun-Warri,

P.O. Box 2254, Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Tel:    +2348026428271