By Bobson Gbinije

“The heights reached and attained by great men, were not attained by sudden flight.
They toiled all night , whilst others slept.

From time out of the reach of memory, through the Paleolithic age to the present era, philosophers, occults, men of God, free thinkers, necromancers and metaphysicians, etc have sanctimoniously postulated and didactically moralized on the truth and otherwise of THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS THE CHRIST.
IN MEIN KAMMPF, Adolf Hitler said: By means of shrewd lies unremittingly repeated, it is possible to make people believe that Heaven is Hell and Hell Heaven The greater the lie the more readily people will believe them. Chairman Mao Tse Tung of China further corroborated this fact about the mechanics and dynamics of propaganda. He said the greatest catalyst to mass mobilization is brainwashing the people through misinformation and disinformation hype. Is this what has happened to the issue of the resurrection?

The resurrection is the spiritual bulwark, supernatural plinth and the fundamental fulcrum upon which the Christians faith, hope and conduct rotates. It is the locus classicus, the inittium et Finis and the prodigious matrix with which and on whichs the believers faith is built.

The resurrection has dual implications for most believers, especially the Christians. They believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again on the third day (Matthew Chapter 28 verses 1 14) and hence their definition of Resurrection is to rise from the dead. This, they believe, was foreordained, actualized and exemplified by Christ Jesus. Most religious sects believe in the Resurrection, but some others do not believe in Christ not to talk of his Resurrection.

The Muslims believe in the Resurrection, but not of Jesus Christ in the mode of the Christians. They believe that on the day of Judgement the Almighty Allah will resurrect all mankind to face judgement according to their works. As recorded in the Holy Koran Sura 75 Ayat 1 6 I swear by the day of resurrection and by the self-reproaching soul. Does man think we shall never put his bones together again? Indeed. We can re-mould his very fingers. Yet man would ever deny what is to come. When will this be, he asks, this day of Resurrection? But when the sigh of Mortals is confounded and the moon eclipsed; when sun and moon are brought together on that day man will ask: whither shall I flee? No. there shall he be informed of all that he has done first and last. He shall be a witness against himself, even though he has to offer excuses.

The Christians, Muslims and many other sects have a platitudinous symmetry of belief in the final resurrection and judgement. But some Judaistic Proselytisers, Agnostics, Gnostics and Atheists do not believe. Does this make the Christians belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ a lie? In his book The Universal Fraud Professor Atuns Josef, the Historiographer, posited thus: The monumental hoax that their Christ rose from the dead remains the most bizarre dissimulation of falsity ever. It is calculated to hoodwink the intellect, venerate and apotheosise an allegorical story. It has no basis whatsoever with pragmatic reality.

If it is true that Christ did not rise from the dead, then Christians are truly fraudulent 419ers and their counterfeit doctrines are cantankerously at variance with their professed and proclaimed morality. The basis of their belief is dangerously hollow and all their vociferous evangelical works, so-called miracles and the much vaunted blood of Jesus and Holy Ghost fire are in vain. The miracles they perform are of the Devil. They practice a fake and powerless religion and all their self-righteousness will end up in Gehenna. The Edenic tragedy and the subsequent Adamic fall shall remain with mankind eternally. Christ, we are told, came to die for mankind so that our sins can be forgiven. But since there is no resurrection we remain in our waiting state of sin. But, God forbid.

The excavation of the Shroud of Turin in the middle of the 14th century a shroud reputed to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ the Son of the living God has remained an enigmatic relic to theologians and scientists for over 200 years. This shows that Christ was a human personality who many testified to have seen and his resurrection is abundantly proven by his disciples. Buttressing the resurrection issue with submissions from the Holy Bible will be begging the dialectical matter. But it remains the cardinal authority on the resurrection of JESUS THE CHRIST.

The Bible states with the most unmistakable and pertinacious exactitude that Christ Jesus rose from the grave on the third day (Luke 20:36, John 5: 29, Rom. 6:5, Phil. 3: 10, Heb. 11: 35, Rev. 20:15). But the most fundamental attestation to the resurrection is the power in the RESURRECTION POWER which many believer experiences by faith.

The Resurrection Power is the ultimate Power capable of changing every spiritual and physical situation. It is capable of raising the dead, healing the sick, defeating and conquering Satan the devil and all his evil machinations. It wouldnt have been so, if Christ Jesus did not rise from the grave. The resurrection is pragmatically and palpably real because we can feel and see the power of God Almighty in ACTION.
As we celebrate the Easter season, let us continuously call to mind the glorious resurrection of our Lord, Saviour and Satyagrahi JESUS THE CHRIST whose crucifixion and resurrection empowered us to tread the earth in His glory. Satan the devil would have made a public show of mankind without the resurrection. Let us also remember our own resurrection on the last day by walking steadfastly in reverential fear of God And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that have done evil, unto the resurrection of Damnation (John 5 29). MAN FEAR GOD AND KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS.

Chief Bobson Gbinije
Mandate Against Poverty (M.A.P)
WARRI 08023250378.