…Dedicates anniversary to courageous Justice Oloyede

By Our Correspondent

As Osun people are marking the 25th anniversary of the creation of the state, the Civil Societies Coalition for the Emancipation for Osun State (CSCEOS) has stated that the state is gasping for breath under the present administration of Mr. Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola due to the mismanagement of its resources.


Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State.

Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State.

group lamented that the State under Aregbesola has been a reference point of bad governance, saying CSCEOS is dedicating 25th birthday to the courageous and incorruptible judge of the State High Court, Justice Olamide Folahanmi Oloyede who sacrificed her comfort of office to give her voice to the millions of poor masses of the state in the face of tyranny

Besides, the group saluted the courage and endurance of the good people, especially, the workers and retirees alike,  of the State for their perseverance on the present situation of the State while noting that that the governor has displayed the highest naked of impunity since he assumed office in November 27th, 2010 through the Court of Appeal Division sitting in Ibadan.

In the civil society’s anniversary message issued on Friday and signed by its Chairman, Comrade Sulaiman Adeniyi, it stated that the anniversary period call for sober reflection due to the present state of the affairs of “our dear State under the watch of Aregbesola who put the State into economic quagmire that made the once prosperous state not to be able to perform its social obligation to her citizens again”.

The group described the present administration in the State as a monumental tragedy that happened to the State in the last 25 years, due to the capital flight of the state resources to the Lagos State, alleging that the governor has put the State into a debt regime under the guise of putting infrastructures in place which the larger percentage of the resources for the projects were siphoned into the private purse of Aregbesola and his cronies.

It equally noted that the State government has subverted the real essence of democratic values, particularly, in the area of human development and good governance, insisting that Aregbesola‘s government was the most secret administration ever adorned the shore of the State since its creation in 1991.

According to the message, “The truth should be told to those who are still living their lives in the comfort of lies. The 25th anniversary celebration of Osun State today, under Aregbesola called for sober reflection because the State is at low point of history by gasping for breathing to survival in all ramifications. All policies of the State government have somersaulted.

They used all the loan -attached projects embarked upon in the State to catapult the meager resources of the State to satisfy their godfather in Lagos State.

“Our heart grieves for the present situation of the prosperous State under Mr. Rauf Aregbesola’s government .The sky is dark and bleak. We salute the courage and perseverance of the good people of the State on the present state of the affairs of the State as we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the creation of the State”, the statement reads.

Aregbesola has single- handedly mismanaged Osun State Funds and empty the state’s treasury under guise of putting infrastructure in place.