By Tejiri Ebikeme

WEDNESDAY, January 21, 2015 was another day, Deltans from all walks of life, expressed their never fading love for the Governorship candidate of the Labour Party, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboruu.

Chief Great Ogboru (m) addressing his supporters at the Warri Township Stadium while his wife, Chief Ovie Omo-Agege (4th right )and others look on.

At his flag-off campaign rally at the Warri Township Stadium which shut down the oil-rich city for several hours, Deltans streamed out, expressing their willingness to follow him all the way again in his gubernatorial journey as they had always done.

Our correspondent reports that it took Chief Ogboru about two hours to drive within the town to get to Warri Township Stadium, venue of the campaign flag-off rally, with many people literally climbing the roof top just to get a glimpse of him.

According to our correspondent, as at the time the Labour Party Governorship Candidate arrived the venue at about 2.00p.m., the whole place was already filled to capacity.

Addressing the intimidating crowd, Chief Ogboru promised to bring massive development to oil-rich Delta State if elected in the February 28, 2015 Governorship Election.

While saying he shared same vision with the good people of Delta State, Chief Ogboru, urged the people to keep hope alive, saying better days were around the corner for them.

The Labour Party Governorship candidate who pointed out that it was time to rid Delta State of bad leadership, said; “Deltans, I am feeling your pains everyday and this is why I refused to give up the struggle to liberate you from people that do not have the ideas to run a state as rich as Delta State. We will not give up the fight until our people are liberated.”

Promising a better deal for all Deltans, Chief Ogboru stated that; “We are going to run a government with different talents; several talents will come on board in my administration. The vehicle of the needed change is Labour.”

Chief Ogboru added that, “My good people of Delta State, I want to assure you that we will put your money where you want it. It is my determination to get our boys and girls off the streets through gainful employment and empowerment. If elected, my administration will establish three major companies in the three senatorial districts of the state, these companies will belong to the people where they will make a living and say goodbye to poverty.”

“There will be no place for crime, violence, corruption and dirty environment in my administration,” Chief Ogboru stated and urged support for the election of President Goodluck Jonathan in the February 14, 2015 Presidential election.

The National Chairman of Labour Party, Alhaji Abdulkadri Abdulsalam, while presenting the flag of the party under the watchful eyes of the people to Ogboru, said the Governorship candidate of the party in the state would develop all parts of Delta State if elected as the next Governor.

He said, “Chief Ogboru will develop all parts of the state, give employment to unemployed Deltans and he will pay adequate attention to the empowerment of our women and youths and I want to implore all of you to vote for Chief Ogboru as you have always done. He will do great things for the state because his name is GREAT and he is a great man.”

Addressing the rally, Delta Central Senatorial Candidate of the party, Obaisi (Barr.) Ovie Omo-Agege said that Chief Ogboru has never lost any election in the state.

According to him, “I want to tell all of you that Chief Ogboru has never lost any election, we have always rigged him out, but this time around, I will ensure that your votes count; he has always won all his elections.”

Chief Omo-Agege also said, “Time for the liberation of Delta State has come. Chief Ogboru is the only man that can bring that change to Delta State. We need a fresh air; we need somebody new. Chief Ogboru is a successful businessman and he will run Delta State successfully and he wants to create jobs for our army of unemployed youths.”