DELTA State Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare has rated Chinkelly Schools Ekpan-Effurun, Delta State high, urging other private school owners to be up and doing, saying government will not compromise standard of education.

The Commissioner while speaking on the occasion of the 2013 Children’s Day Celebration organized by Chinkelly High School said standard of education in the school was high, imploring the Proprietress to sustain the high standard.

The Commissioner who was represented by the Chief Inspector of Education for Warri South, Dr. M. E. Emeshili said; “I am impressed with the high standard in this school; I am also impressed with the school environment and students and pupils off the school have won my heart since I came here this morning. They are being brought up here in the right way. And I want to urge the Proprietress to keep the flag flying.”

Dr. (Mrs.) Veronica Ogbuagu (JP), promoting reading culture in Delta State as she is seen here distributing free books to schools in the state

Dr. (Mrs.) Veronica Ogbuagu (JP), promoting reading culture in Delta State as she is seen here distributing free books to schools in the state

According to the Commissioner, the State Government will not compromise the standard of education and implored private school owners to maintain standard already set by Government.

Prof. Muoboghare called on teachers both in public and private schools to be hard working as, according to him, there is no room for lazy teachers in the state.

“Our teachers must be hardworking; they must be at their duty posts always and pout in their best for our students and pupils,” the Commissioner stated.

In her address, the Proprietress of the school, Dr. (Mrs.) Veronica Ogbuagu “Happy Children’s Day” to all Nigerian children – Today we celebrate children’s Day, if I may ask, is there anything good to celebrate in the lives of millions of Nigerian children who go to bed hungry? Children who are abused constantly? Children who do not get the best of education, Children who have been denied parental love and care because of poverty?  Children who do not have good role models?

She said, “Let’s examine our own attitudes toward the poor up-bringing of our children today. Take some time today to reflect on how you as a parent, family, teacher, neighbour, man/woman of God or government have impacted positively or negatively in the lives of children. Many of us have failed this generation. Let’s try to keep our children healthy and happy inspite of the many challenges and trials we face every day in Nigeria. Parents must realise the fact that for children to be better off than their parents, they need sound and qualitative education. “No one can ever take away their brains” Parents and teachers should help make the best out of a bad situation. Most Nigerians are calling for a change they believe that political change is needed; and needed soon.”

The former education commissioner urged Nigerian women to “Rise and deliver this nation from our men folk. Do not be threatened, because we are not alone. God is with us. Think about this clarion call and pray about it and let God’s will be done. It is time for women to run for president and governors in their respective states. In Delta State for instance expired politicians have indicated their interest to run as governorship candidates come 2015. Well this is just the beginning.”

She added that; “Nigeria is open for Nigerian women to participate in almost any kind of activity that they want to if they prepare themselves for it and work at it. If you have a sense of purpose and a sense of direction, I believe people will follow you. All we need to do is keep our eyes fixed on the Lord. To millions of Nigerian children, I wish you happy “Children’s Day”. Trust in God, and he will help you. Hope in him, and he will make your ways straight. Fear the Lord, and your hearts will be made radiant.”