Zik Gbemre,

Three ‘Overflow’ stadiums, one of which has a 90,000 sitting capacity (that were used during 2010 FIFA World Cup) are already set aside with thousands of big-screen centers across South-Africa to air live, and accommodate those that will attend the said Mandela’s Memorial Service. This is said to be the “largest gathering of World Leaders in Africa” just to honor one black man. Mandela was indeed greater than the South African nation. For no event (not even the Country’s independence celebration) can ever gather such a mammoth of past and present world leaders.

When one does things for himself alone, it is ‘inhumane’, but when you do things that impact positively in the lives of people; that is ‘humanity’. Mandela was indeed “the servant of the people”. That is what made him to be celebrated today and always. Our Nigerian Leaders lack this quality. If only we have such political leaders as Mandela in different countries of Africa, particularly in Nigeria, the black continent would be a better place for all of us. As a public servant, Mandela inspired people to believe that “there is a higher purpose in life” other than what most of our political leaders are portraying ‘public office’ to be-a place amass, misappropriate/mismanage public funds and live in stupendous splendor to the detriment of the citizenry.

Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s life and death is highly celebrated today by the West and their Media due to his Spirit of FORGIVENESS AND RECONCILIATION. While majority of black South Africans are celebrating his death because he fought for their Liberty. According to them, Mandela fought for their Liberty armed with his PRINCIPLES and the PEN. Mandela had advised the black South Africans not to use physical fight to get what they want. His enemies were harsh and brutal towards them yet he embraced his enemies in reconciliation. However, majority of South Africans are of the opinion that they are not yet free. According to them, the ECONOMY is still in the hands of the white South Africans. That the liberty is only Political and not Economical.

The black South Africans fear the Country will not recover from the loss of Mandela. They feel he was “the glue” that held the South African Nation together, and that without Mandela, the OLD WOUNDS could open up once more like the situation in Zimbabwe. Whatever might be the entertained fears, doubts, pessimism and perceptions by South Africans, the undeniable fact is that Nelson Mandela has left a remarkable legacy behind that would speak better things for the country.

We only pray that Nigerian political leaders would go beyond the commentaries and condolence messages to learn and emulate the late South African icon-Mandela. If Mandela rested peacefully and the entire would came to a stand still, can Nigerians and the rest of the world stand still for even a day to mourn the death of any of our present and past political leaders? This should be something to think about of all of us.

Zik Gbemre, 

National Coordinator.