Good People, Great Nation

Good People, Great Nation



Nigeria is a country endowed with several valuable resources, “which at the moment is of no relevance to her economy but the pockets of our greedy leaders”. The effect of this mis-management and improper allocation of funds is clearly stated on the walls of our society. Nevertheless that has not given us a complete answer to this topic’s question.

A developed country can be defined as one which has many industries and a diversified economic (in an advanced state). In line with this definition, Nigeria cannot be regarded as a developed country, she has very few and low producing industries, with an epileptic economy.

Nigerian’s do not believe in self-production even though we possess all it takes to produce our own basic amenities, rather we believe in importing goods which were produced from our own exported raw materials.

Nevertheless, one cannot overlook her struggling effort in the health sector of the country as well as our educational system. Nigeria has a very long way to attain development, as its not just all about improving amenities but maintaining these amenities.

A very good example is that of Lagos State, the government set up organization with specific duties, with the aim of spurring up rapid development in the state. Its indeed a very improved step towards a developing country only if other Governors and government officials would work tirelessly towards a better tomorrow.

52 years old Nigeria has very little to show since independence. Instead we are proud of supplying a neighbouring country power, when we at home have a very poor electric supply.

Nigeria’s balance of payment and foreign reserves has not been stable since its independence in 1960. At a time, surplus takes place while at another, deficits occur and this has brought a lot of problems into the country.

On world channels, we keep hearing on various developments, but that is not the news about Nigeria, rather we keep hearing how government officials or ex-government officials are prosecuted for money laundering. Yet an average Nigerian can barely eat three times daily.

The most lucrative venture in Nigeria now is RIGGING OF ELECTIONS, KIDNAPPING, OIL THEFT and any other dubious practice one could imagine. Agriculture which ought to be an area of outmost concentration has now become the poor man’s business, since everyone is after quick oil money.

Despite all odds, Nigeria at this stage is developing, for its not a day’s job to develop a country. The leaders have key roles in enhancing development; hence Nigerians should make the right choice in voting their leaders for they determine the countries tomorrow with the help of God.