Frank Efe

Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Udaughan, today, shocked Deltans when he said some persons who never wished him well were shopping for a casket to bury him when they heard that he was sick.

Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan (middle), Delta State Deputy Governor, Prof. Amos Utuama (left) and Rev. Simeon Okah of Flock of Christ Mission during the occasion.

Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan (middle), Delta State Deputy Governor, Prof. Amos Utuama (left) and Rev. Simeon Okah of Flock of Christ Mission during the occasion.

The Governor, who spoke today at an Inter-denominational Thanksgiving service to mark the 2013 Democracy Day and 2nd anniversary of his administration, said he had a health challenge recently and rather than pray for his quick recovery, some persons were wishing him dead and were planning to buy a casket for his burial.

The Governor said; “I had a health challenge – for those of you who have internet, there is something they call Bells Palsy, what that simply means is weakness on one side of your face. I woke up in the morning and I looked at my face and discovered that one side was weaker than the other.”

He added; “I was very strong in my heart but they were worried and they told me to go to Abuja, and my Director of Protocol has actually called for a plane. But I said no, I was not going to travel that day.  I eventually went to Abuja where they did all the tests and all that. A lot of facial paralysis really has no known cause. They did all that test and they did not find anything.”

“As I was in the hospital, I was hearing a lot of rumours; the man has stroke, and they had to take him away in a wheelchair, they had to fly him on airbus, his brain has malfunctioned and some people were already going to where they sell casket to know how much buy casket to bury me, but I have conquered death, There is so much rumour in our state and it is unfair to spread all types of rumour. If people are sick, we should pray for their recovery and not to wish them dead,” the Governor narrated.

The Governor also called on Deltans to live as one united family, saying; “As Deltans, let us do away with hatred, we should shun ethnic hatred; hatred will lead us to nowhere but destruction. There is too much hatred for one another in the state and too much rumour mongering. Rumour came recently that I have passed away and many people were happy about the news. I can be sick because I am human being.”

“We must stop spreading dangerous rumours; they are destructive rumours, they do not build the society, they destroy society ad that is why I am urging all Deltans on the need to live in unity and Deltans should help my administration to finish strong. Pray for us to succeed,” he added.

Governor Uduaghan who said there were stormy elections in the state, praised Rev. (Dr) Simeon Okah of Flock of Christ Mission and National Vice President, PFN, South-South Zone for prayers and support during the period.

Our correspondent reports that the Governor who had earlier read the First Scripture from Zachariah 4:1-14 said that; “We had stormy elections in the state and Rev. Oka supported greatly and he was even prosecuted for being on my side. After the elections, he challenged me on education, agriculture and other issues. I want to say that we are determined to remain strong. We are doing more in area of education. We are finishing strong in several areas but not in agriculture. But we will do something to finish strong in agriculture.”

Speaking on the security challenges in the state, the Delta State Governor said; “We are being proactive in security challenges, especially kidnapping. We are destroying places where kidnappers stay and where they keep their victims. We are also chasing the native doctors assisting kidnappers. We have jailed many kidnappers and I must commend the judiciary for their support in the war against kidnappers. The judiciary has tried in this aspect and we are winning the war against kidnappers. We still have some challenges but we shall overcome them.”

On the recent ban on okada, Governor Uduaghan applauded Deltans for their understanding, saying that, “we are not being wicked by banning okada, but trying to create a peaceful state for all to rid the state of criminals. We are trying to finish strong in all that we are doing. I want to thank our royal father for embracing Christianity. Most of our royal fathers are now inviting men of God to their Palace for prayers. Embracing Christ by royal fathers means that there is hope. I want to urge all royal fathers in the state to embrace Christ.”

While imploring all Nigerians to pray for President Goodluck Jonathan for him to win the war against Boko Haram and other national problems, stated that; “We are all potential victims of Boko Haram and this is why we must support the President to win this war.”

Rev. Okah in his message said man was created in the image of God, adding that for that alone man should be thankful to God, stressing that, “ we must love each other and be united as a state and together we shall make it as a state. We should continue to pray for the Governor of the state for him to deliver on his promises.”

The State Deputy Governor, Prof. Amos Agbe Utuama, took the second scripture reading from Romans 12;1-11 as Delta State University Choir, Government House Chapel Choir and Flock Voices of Christ Mission Choir thrilled the congregation at the ceremony.