By Alex Imhomoh Ogwemho

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin born was born in 1971 at Ojobo, in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State of Nigeria where he attended his Primary and Secondary Schools. He is a graduate in Theology. He gave his life to Jesus Christ in the year 2010 at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Warri . The 44 years old prophet is the General Overseer of Christ Mercy Land Deliverance Ministries, (Arena of Solutions and Power), Effurn, near Warri.  His name rings a bell to political and non political watchers in Nigeria in particular and the whole world in general as a result of spiritual break-through God has been using him to perfect. In this encounter, the Prophet recounted his travails, journeys and triumph of his ministry among others.

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin.

It could be recalled that before the just concluded 2015 General Elections in the country, the prophet of God had told the Nigerians and the world that the proposed election of the President had been conducted in the spiritual realm and that a new President had emerged while waiting to be announced physically, he said then that, “the voting exercise nationwide is just going to fulfill the physical manifestation,” and it came to pass. He had advised the saints to pray for the then President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that the transition from the government to a new one would be peaceful.

His Ministry, the Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministries, (Arena of Solutions and Power) located at KM 5 Warri/Sapele /Benin Road, Effurun, Warri has been a beehive of activities in the oil rich city for the past four years. The Arena of Solutions and Power boasts of Pool of Bethsaida, Mountain of Grace and Mercy and Mountain of Favour and Miracles respectively, all based at the Church Prayer City.

Speaking with our correspondent at the ultra modern Prayer City still under construction, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin took out time from his tight schedule to talk on issues ranging from the beginning of his anointing, ordination into the ministry of deliverance, healing among others, adding, “the Lord Almighty God called me precisely four years ago when I was a prayer warrior at the intercession department of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) here in Warri. I was at my duty post one fateful day when I heard a voice telling me I have been prepared and anointed for a higher level of ministration, but I could not immediately understand where the voice was coming from until God revealed Himself to me”.

He said that the anointing and ordination which did not go unnoticed by the MFM hierarchy drew some resentment within and outside the church as the ordinary prayer warrior (as he was then known in MFM) became a miracle worker. He recalled the storm that saw him ostracized from the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries in the Warri region, adding, “I noticed hostilities and persecution all around me suddenly during the period God was using me within the church and frankly I did not understand the reason until word came to me that the church leadership had become uncomfortable with my popularity in the MFM. Before  I knew it, the church actually sent for me and announced to me that they were no longer interested in my membership, and thereby I was instantly  ostracized  from the MFM in the region as a whole”.

But not giving up on the arduous task placed on him by God, like Prophet Elijah of old, one day the anointing moved him and some people to the mountain to pray for 21 days, he has this to say,  “after I was dismissed from the MFM, I became an intercessor, but one day again I went to the mountain for prayers for another twenty-one days where I faced hard times upon my return, but subsequently I heard the voice of God telling me He would be with me and I should remain with Him in truth and faith, and by His mercy and grace I would survive the ordeals”.

The Prophet recalled that not all who went up to the mountain with him survived the ordeal as he remounted what happened, “one of the men that we fasted with on the mountain died upon our return because of the type of food (eba} he ate to break his fast. It is unwise for one to eat solid swallow food after a protracted long fasting while the stomach and intestines had shrunk and dried after abstaining from food for such a long period of days.”

He disclosed that as soon as his Ministry, Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministries (CMDM) started, those who were behind his dismissal at the MFM came to apologize and asked him to return back to their fold, adding, “those same members of the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministry (MFM) , Warri Region , when they heard of my Ministry, saw the growth and the signs and wonders, they asked for forgiveness and confessed that they now believed it was the Almighty God that called and anointed me. They begged me and requested I should return back, but it was too late as God had spoken to me that I should not and warned me that if I should go back, He would depart from me and I will be on my own. Since I started my Ministry, God has been so faithful to me.”

The Prophet acknowledged that it has not been and rosy in the growth and expansion of the Ministry, he with the grace of added but God who called and anointed him, he has been able to surmount the hurdles.

Asked to recall any of his challenges since he started the Ministry, the Prophet has this to say, “I was to minister at a crusade at the Eagle Square, Abuja in 2014, being that I did not seek the face of God which was due to pressure from the organizers, urging me to come because thousands of afflicted people were already waiting for me crying for healing, deliverance and the barren expecting to carry their babies. Meanwhile, we had started printing posters, running adverts on radios and televisions and people had started arriving from within and outside the country. Suddenly and suddenly, the voice of God sounded in my ears, telling me that I should not attend the crusade. He further warned me that if I should go, I would be on my own and this is when I immediately cancelled the crusade. Barely two weeks later, insurgents struck at Nyanya, Abuja, their target, is gathering of people to bomb.  After this experience, I do not honour any invitation of crusade, except I hear from God. Instead I send an apology to the organizers through the Mercy Television network and they do understand.”

Speaking on speculations that the sitting capacity of the permanent site of Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministries called ‘Prayer City’ under construction would exceed any other auditorium in the oil city if not the second in the country, Prophet Fufeyin said, “Well, the  capacity of worshippers on the present location of the church currently, apart from  the programme days, we do record 14,000 to 15,000 worshippers on Sundays, while  the ongoing construction project {Prayer City} when completed will accommodate 40,000 to 50,000 worshippers, which by the grace of God would be completed in December, 2015.”

Responding to a question that skeptics suggest believe that most miracles performed by him are stage managed, he said that it is a bold and good question that requires a simple answer, adding, “this is a good and bold question that requires simple answer. Anybody persecuting or kicking against me or doubting the anointing and spiritual gifts of God upon me, that person(s) is or are kicking and doubting the works of Almighty God. For it is written in the Bible.that no one should judge anybody and that judgment comes from God. Who is that man or woman of God who was present at the very time and day God called and anointed me, and can anyone tender evidence that he or she was there? The bible says, by their fruits, we shall know them, so if I am doing magic or fictitious things in my ministry today, the congregations or worshippers in the church are in a better position to judge or testify. If anybody had ever discovered or suspected me with any strange things besides the words of God I preach and apply, let them come out to challenge me and my Ministry openly. The Bible also says people perish for lack of knowledge for their inability to understand the words of God. Remember how Jesus Christ was being criticized, persecuted, condemned and later killed by the Jews for his ultimate miracles and spiritual performances; therefore , who am I, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, to be criticized  and call names?”, he asked and dismissed the critics with a wave of hands, these set of people are detractors and enemies of Progress.”

On an extraordinary event on Mercy Television in September 2013, when the news broke out that he raised a little girl from the dead, Prophet Fufeyin has this to say, “yes, God bless vou. I still remember that fateful day when the dead little girl was thrown on me, confirmed dead as the mother was shedding tears profusely, rolling on the ground, asking God for solution. In fact I was astonished but not disturbed in my spirit, as far as I know my redeemer Liveth. I started by using the anointing water at my disposal, but nothing happened. Then suddenly, I heard a voice of my Heavenly Father above, telling me to apply the word of prophecy which I instantly applied, and suddenly the power from above came, the king of all kings, the Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega and the greatest deliverer came from above and touched the dead little girl and suddenly she came back to life…Halleluyah. It was by the mercy and grace of God upon my life, for with God, there is nothing that is impossible for Him to do, and that was exactly what happened that memorable day.”

Speaking on the Pool of Bethsaida and Mountains that are very notable sources of healing, miracles and deliverance in the ultra modern Prayer City, Prophet Fufeyin has this to say,  “yes, it is really surprising that such discoveries have never happened in this country, (apart from the late Prophet Ayo Babalola Mountain at Ado Ekiti, Ondo State and few others).  And without mincing words, this was as a result what God directives that I should embark on twenty-one days prayer and fasting, which I obeyed. God spoke again that I should go on another ten days dry fasting with prayer, another dry fasting.for three days and yet another ten days fasting and prayer. This was.when I went up to Prophet Joseph Ayo Babalola Mountain in Ado-Ekiti, Ondo State for the assignments God gave to me.

“Thereafter, God directed me to embark on Pilgrimage to Israel to worship Him at the great Tomb of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thereafter, the Lord Almighty God.said, I should go back and start His works and do greater things in my life as long I continue to obey His commandments. So I  sponsored a.30-man pilgrimage to Israel. When we arrived  Jerusalem, the City of the King where there is a Pool Water of Bethsaida, there God  opened my eyes and ears and called me, saying, “Jeremiah my servant, go to your country, Nigeria , dig a pool and name it ‘Pool Water of Bethsaida’, tell the people that the pool water of Bethsaida they have been reading in the Holy Bible still exists. At this juncture, I said to my God and asked, how would this be possible for me to embark on.this great project when I had no money?” I went further to tell Him that where I am serving Him at the moment is only a Store-House and not spacious enough to carry out such projects. Thereafter, God spoke to me again, that He is the God of Moses, who created a pathway through the Red Sea for the Israelites when there was no way, i.e., He create ways where there seems to be no way. Thus said the Lord; Jeremiah, my servant, ”Go, I will provide you with enormous land, spacious enough for you to carry on the projects, and I will go with you. Immediately I returned to Nigeria, God provided me this Prayer City, where you can see the Pool Water of Bethsaida today and I name it ‘Christ MercyLand Prayer City’, Warri.

“I don’t actually know how many acres of land this place is, because the place is so wide, even to an extent the architects and other engineers working on the project cannot quantifies the land area. As soon as God provided me this place, the work commenced  as God instructed me and I dug a portion of it and named it ‘POOL WATER OF BETHSAIDA’” Now , what were happening in the days of old when Angels of God stirred the water for purification and sanctification of the water, is exactly what is happening here today at this pool, anybody .who drink the water or put a drop of it in the bathing water with faith will automatically receive instant miracle of healings, no matter how severe the sickness or problems are. “

The Prophet spoke further, “also, at the Mountains Prayer Ground, God spoke to me, saying, “Jeremiah my servant, you need to have a Mountain, and name it, Mountain Of Solutions.  There are other Mountains, like, ‘Mountain Of Mercy & Miracles’, and ‘Mountain Of Power’, all under the Mountain Of Solutions. The ‘Mountain Of Power’ is where Pastors and Ministers of God whose ministries have crumbled come for revival and seek for solutions.  Revival and Rejuvenation happening here on daily basis while many of such pastors and ministers of God are trooping into the church testifying”.

On his inspirations, prophecies and advice for the new administration in Nigeria, Prophet Fufeyin has this to say, “this is a new government of the people and for the people under which every citizen will have a say directly or indirectly or through a representative. God has called me to pray for the government for divine directions, wisdom, and peace and to carry everybody along, no matter their political differences. This is what God told me to do and when next I am inspired by God to say something further, I will speak out again. God bless Nigeria and Nigerians as well. We have an unprecedented crusade in Italy and Spain, come August 5th to 7th and 12th to 14th respectively, tagged, “Pulling down of every strong holds of the enemies”.