Repair work going on at the gas explosion site

Few days after a gas pipeline belonging to the Nigerian Gas Processing and Transportation Company (NGPTC) exploded at Ugbokodo Community in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State, management of the company has commenced repairs on the damaged pipeline.

Our correspondent who visited the scene of the explosion which took place in the early hours of Thursday, January 11, 2018, reports that an indigenous company, NANPIST Venture, was on ground clearing the affected area for proper assessment and evaluation of the damaged pipelines.

An Official of NANPIST, Kingsley Onaipia who spoke to our correspondent said that excavation was being carried out to eable NGPTC Management ascertain the level of damage before real work will commence.”

Meanwhile, Spokesman of Ugbokodo-Okpe Community, Tobore Anjisha who spoke to our correspondent said though they do not have any problem with NGPTC in its bid to restore the damaged pipeline, they are however not happy that NGPTC did not officially consult the Community before mobilizing to site for work.

Mr. Ajisha who emphasised that no life was lost from the incident that forced many to scamper for safety in such an odd hour, noted that their major concern was for the gas pipeline to be fixd with appropriate compensation paid to his community.

“The extent of damage was much. You saw the extent of the flame of the fire inside the creek, both the mangroves and other aquatic lives were damaged. Both nets,  fishing boats, were consumed by the fire.”

“NGPTC has come to see us. They promised to come back after they have ascertained the extent of the damage. But we are not satisfied with the step they have taken so far. We are not happy because they didn’t tell us before they mobilized to site,” Ajisha noted.

While assuring the management of NGPTC of their readiness to dialogue towards amicable settlement and compensation, Mr. Ajisha disclosed that as a peace loving community they will provide the convivial atmosphere for peaceful negotiation.

They advised NGPTC no to be cajoled by other communities who may approach them for compensation and settlement, stressing that the exploded pipeline is located on Ugbokodo Community land hence should disregard any other community making advances.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ajisha has called on NGC to take immediate step to fix another damaged gas pipeline located about 200 meters away from residential area in Ugbokodo Okpe Community, saying that it is a keg of gun powder waiting.

He noted the pipeline is very close to the surface and recommended that it should be further submerged.

He added that his people may not be lucky as they were with the January 11 explosion if this identified danger is not addressed.