Mr. Ejiro Abel Okpegwa has emerged chairman, Democratic People’s Party (DPP) wite a charge to resuscitate and re-energise the party at all levels from units through wards to local government levels with a view to win elective positions and take over Delta State come 2019 general elections.

Unveiling Mr. Okpegwa as the Delta State chairman of the party at the Party’s headquarters in Abuja, Chief Garson Benson, national chairman, Democratic People’s Party (DPP) charged him to ensure that good working internal democracy is used to select candidates that would fly the party’s flag in the forthcoming general elections to avoid generating bad blood amongst members.

Chief Garson called on the Delta state chairman to work hard, synergise with members to warm the DPP into the hearts of Deltans to see it as the best alternative option to other political parties that have ruled the country before now.

According to Chief Garson, “DPP as a Political Party wants to be different in everything we do. Our motto which is equity,Justice and Patriotism should reflect in all our doings. We want to manage our party members very well by ensuring internal democracy and fairness to all. This way, we will let Nigerians know that when we come to power, we can carry everybody along. ”

The national chairman of the DPP added, “a lot has happened to DPP in Delta State. I urge the new Chairman to restructure the party from the ward level to the Local Government level  in a way that will win the hearts of Deltans. I believe that DPP is the alternative to other political parties that have ruled this country and failed in bringing succour to Nigerians. I call on Delta State Chairman and our party members to conduct ourselves very well both in conduct and speech because this way we are preaching to Nigerians and showing them that DPP is the most civilized, disciplined and friendly party.”

In his speech, Mr. Ejiro Abel Okpegwa, newly unveiled chairman, Delta State chapter of the DPP expressed his appreciation to God and the national chairman of the party for the opportunity to serve, he promised to adhere strictly to the motto of the party which is equity, justice and patriotism as well as ensure that the principle of internal democracy would be used to select candidates that would fly the party’s flag in the 2019 general election.

Mr. Okpegwa promised to swing into action immediately to ensure that the party is restructured in Delta State as well conduct the party’s congress to put in place credible executive at all levels in the state with a view to commence work preparatory to take over Delta state in the forthcoming general elections.

According to Mr. Okpegwa, “I will ensure that my watchword is the party motto, :equity, justice and patriotism. DPP in Delta State under my watch will ensure that the common man in the grassroot does not suffer. I will come fully prepared to restructure DPP in Delta State to ,conduct our party congress in the State so as to put in place credible party executives and all hand will be on deck to ensure we take over power in 2019.”

He added, “we will be transparent in the process of choosing candidates that would fly our party flag in the forthcoming general elections. We want credible people and not candidates that would just make campaign promises. I urge Deltans to size this opportunity to embrace DPP as a political party that will bring in dividends of democracy and deliver Nigeria from the present condition.”

The ceremony was attended by the National Chairman of the party, Chief Garson Benson, National Secretary, Nafiu Bala Gombe, National Treasurer, Julius Bobi, Director of Administration, Prosper Ogheneokaro Daniels, Delta State Chairman, Ejiro Abel Okpegwa and other party stalwarts.