Jesse Ese, Yenagoa

The Chief of Staff, Bayelsa House in Abuja, Chief Dikivie Ikiogha, has stated that Gov. Dickson is not aradite as many Bayelsans claim he is, but prudent.
He made this remark while he was chatting with newsmen at his residence in Yenagoa after the Governor’s thank you tour to Yenagoa Local Government Area.

Bayelsa State Governor

According to him, there has to be sacrifice for development to come into the state. “If he is prudent and free money is not entering our pockets, and on the other side he is developing the state, then it is ok. We do the sacrifice and develop the state before we talk of eating.”
Chief Ikiogha also stated that despite all criticisms from political enemies, his relationship with the Chief Executive of Bayelsa, Rt. Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, has remained cordial and will continue to be.
He also added that he was very glad to move to Abuja because it was a chance to join his political family which started here in Bayelsa State.
His words: “I am most grateful to him because I was just like a big fish in a small river. I was underutilized, so if a chance has moved me up, one way or the other, to become a big fish in a big river, so what is my own?”
The only feeling I had was that; “will my people be protected as I am leaving? “That is the only feeling I had, if not, I am as good as anything could be.”
The political family we started is not here, it is there. So, I feel like rejoining my political family, going back to my political family to continue, which I felt better.