His Holiness, Pope Francis has called for religious dialogue, understanding and communication among nations to promote peace and tranquility in our society.

From Left: His Holiness Pope Francesco and chief Nosakhare Isekhure 

He made the remarks when he received the representative and Peace Ambassador to FIBS, FACIA, The Isekhure of Benin Kingdom, Chief Nosakhare Isekhure JP, to Vatican City, Rome Italy, on its celebration of 50-year anniversary conference to mark World Peace Day.

Pope Francis posited that religious dialogue should be taking seriously to avert conflicts across the international super powers, stressing that poor information dissemination bane of societal variance, which must be, addressed to guarantee peace.

In his presentation, the Ambassador of peace Chief Isekhure disclosed that a good and peaceful society reveals the presence of God, adding that, humanity should engage the most profitable business of seeing God in every thing in creation that does not discriminates.

According to him, “As a member of the traditional religion, I have attended activities in churches and mosques in Canada, USA, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom, to admit that I did not see God in spirit in any of these beautiful places as I feel right now. But in this celebration today, I can feel God’s presence now as I stand with you because of the sincerity and harmony of this conference”.

Chief Isekhure however reiterated that, no religion or human beings on planet earth is superior or inferior to the other and as well favored by God because he carried the spirit of Almighty God but loves all being equally.