By Francis Sadhere

The Association of Delta Muslims recently paid a condolence visit to the Ewherido family to commiserate with them on the death of their son, Late Senator Pius Ewherido.

Muslim Community

Muslim Community

Leading the Muslim group, Ustaz Abdulmajeed Abdulquadri told the family that their visit was to console them in their grief and to pray with them that God should give them the fortitude to bear the irreparable love.

Ustaz Abdulquadri said that the news of the death of the Senator was something they received with a very sad heart, adding that though nobody prays for death, it is only God that knows the reason why the late senator had to go.

He said; “The late Senator was a good man who treats everybody as one no matter your religion. We love him but God loves him most. We believe that it was his time to go. His death is something that is very sad to us.”

“Our advice to Rev. Father Anthony Ewherido is that you should try and keep the family together. Our coming is to console the family. We pray that God should give the family, especially the mother, the strength to move on. Though nobody prayed for this to happen but we pray that something good will come out of his death,” he said.

Also speaking, another leader of the group, told the family that the Late Senator was a great man, stressing that he helped a lot of Muslims in the state in different ways.

He said; “When the Late Senator was contesting he came to us and asked us what we want. We told him that the only problem we have was that we wanted our own cemetary. He was shocked when he heard us say that because he thinking that we were going to ask for other things.”

“Many Muslim Communities have benefitted from his benevolence. He has given scholarship to some of our people. We pray that the family should not allow his legacy to die with him. Please accept our heartfelt condolence,” he spoke further.

Receiving the Muslim brothers on behalf of the family, Reverend Father Anthony Ewherido said that the visit by the Muslim Community in Delta had really touched his heart because it shows the kind of person his late brother was before he died.

He further said that another visit that also touched his heart was the visit by Action People’s Congress, APC, just as he noted that the party is what it is today because of the inputs of his late brother.

He said; “I am not surprised by this visit because I know that my brother has many friends that cut across all sections of life. I am very grateful for this your visit and on behalf of the family, I say thank you.”

Continuing, Rev. Father Ewhrido said; “If there is anything I appreciate in Islam is that Islam has a culture of prayer. Another thing I appreciate is your philosophy of death. If you have these two things then you will always be connected with your Creator. If you know that you are going to die one day, then you will strive to live a holy life. I want you to remember us in your prayers.”